SUNDAY 14th JULY 2024 1st Row 17.00 hrs. 2nd Row 18.00hrs. HW. 19.00 hrs

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Date: July 14, 2024

Weekend rows are timed around high water, as close as possible. This can make launching and recovering the skiff slightly easier and the bay is full of water. All rowers are welcome. Each row will last one hour . The cox will cox both rows. We aim to accommodate all rowers. If there are 5 crew cox will rotate crew regularly to avoid the crew member on the sundeck becoming chilly. Dress warmly.  Please sign up, but do check for messages as the cox may cancel the row because of poor weather or for lack of crew.

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Select Task(s)WhatName
Cox#1: MacLean M.
Crew 1st Row#1: Elizabeth S.
#2: Debbie M.
#3: Maria O.
#4: Timothy F.
#5: Gill F.
Crew 2nd Row#1: Kresanna A.
#2: James C.
#3: Momie C.
#4: Attie M.
#5: MacLean M.