Sunday 18th February. 1st Row 1500hrs 2nd Row 1600 hrs HW 1900hrs

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Date: February 18, 2024

The first row will last for 1 hour the second will be slightly shorter. The first row may be a bit more strenuous. These rows are open to everyone, from beginner to experienced rower. The cox will cox both rows, and sadly if there is no cox, there is no row. Please check your messages before the row in case Cox cancels because of poor conditions or lack of crew.

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Select Task(s)WhatName
Cox#1: MacLean M.
1st row#1: Lucy M.
#2: Gillian B.
#3: Al M.
#4: Di M.
#5: Martin B.
2nd Row#1: Ruth B.
#2: Timothy F.
#3: Claire W.
#4: Anne S.
#5: Celia S.