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Dear Members,

The sign up sheets have been amended to reflect that we now have 2 boats!! The hope is that more coxes will make themselves available to take out the 2 boats at the same time, but will have the choice to cox on first row, second row or both.

Apologies to those who had signed up on the previously published March sessions, but in order to amend the sheets the current sign ups were deleted, so please check your sign ups and re do.

I stress that this style of rowing sign up is a trial and is open to discussion and constructive criticism to improve the system.

I suggest, as a trial, that folk sign up to row in the next available space, regardless of time or boat, so the boats fill up from start of first row. This means scrapping the idea of two different levels of rowing at the weekend. The balance of crews can then be decided by the cox or coxes on the day between the two boats with regard to the prevailing conditions or the mood of the crew/s present!

Happy Rowing – bring on the summer !

regards, Helen Innes.

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