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Dear members,

New sign up sheets have been added for the month of April. Trying a new lay out for the sheets so any useful feed back on improving them, gratefully received! Current thinking is that if we have 2 coxes and 2 crew for 1st row, then both boats can go out. However, if not enough coxes/crew then folk will have to wait for 2nd row.

The Monday and Wednesday evening rows starting 1st April will be training rows but not exclusively for crews who wish to compete, however, crews will be expected to be prepared for a work out! These may occur in low water so crews must be prepared to stay on to recover the boat/s which maybe a challenge and part of the work out!

Two sign up sheets are also available for our next two events we agreed to attend: 21st April – Findochty launch of their new skiff ‘Morven’ & 4th May – Golspie Regatta.

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