The aims of Findhorn Coastal Rowing Club are:

  1. To promote local interest in coastal rowing
  2. To develop traditional boat skills locally, by building and maintaining skiffs and to learn from others within the coastal rowing community and other relevant organisations
  3. To develop skills and understanding of all the elements of coastal rowing and activity, promoting safe operating practices
  4. To support members to develop their rowing skills
  5. To encourage and promote the physical and emotional wellbeing of all the members
  6. To encourage and promote social inclusion, offering opportunities to engage in social activities, fundraising events and generally being part of a team
  7. To collaborate with other local organisations, developing strong networks to build a resilient community
  8. To encourage and support those members who wish to develop their leadership skills, either by playing an active role in the Club, being a member of the Committee, or through Cox training
  9. To provide opportunities to engage with other coastal rowing clubs and participate in competitions, regattas, or social rows and events
  10. To support and encourage an inclusive Club, by making efforts to break down the barriers to social inclusion
  11. To create an enjoyable and affordable experience for all involved, with the main objective of having fun, whilst ensuring the safety of all members and visitors to the Club

To meet the Clubs aims we expect our members to:

  • Value difference and diversity
  • Show courtesy and respect to others at all times
  • Demonstrate patience and tolerance
  • Encourage a supportive and learning culture
  • Conduct ourselves in a manner that is non -discriminatory, both in terms of language and behaviour

Failure to comply with our code of conduct could ultimately lead to a member being asked to leave the club.

March 2020